Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Looking ahead into 2011..

Hey all, here's some news regarding what we got coming up next year:

Dysrhythmia is about half way through writing the next record. We'll start demoing stuff in the Spring and perhaps share a track or two online. There's a chance we'll be playing a Brooklyn show in March. Stay tuned. Otherwise, a new record won't be likely until 2012. The wait will be worth it, promise.

One of the reasons for that is simply due to the number of other musical ventures we have happening.

Gorguts will be recording the new album in February, with a scheduled Summer release. Touring will follow.

Krallice will have a new record out in April.

Zevious will be doing their first full US tour in March/April.

I'll have a new solo record called 'Transparencies' out in March/April.

They'll be a record coming Summer/Fall tentatively titled 'Night Sessions' which is a collaboration between myself and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Costanza Francavilla.

In addition, I've joined a new band called Vaura, which has just begun playing live in the NYC-area (next show Dec. 19th @ Union Pool). This band lets me express myself in a different way. Anyone that knows me knows I love all that 80's English post punk/goth, moody pop stuff... this has some of that influence, but mixed with metal influences as well. The band also features Kayo Dot mainman Toby Driver on bass, along with Josh Strawn and Charlie Schmid (both also of the fantastic Religious to Damn)

I recently guested on a 20 minute track for long running Philadelphia-based experimental progressive metal/hardcore band Starkweather. This should be out sometime next year as part of a split release. It was an honor for me to play on this track. They've been one of my favorite bands for years.

That's all for now. Thanks again to all of you that could make it out to see us this year on tour. We had some memorable times.