Tuesday, August 28, 2012


'Test of Submission' is out today via Profound Lore Records. We spent 3 years crafting these songs, so we hope you enjoy. Full album stream, and first batch of tour dates announced via BrooklynVegan

Friday, August 24, 2012

Gorguts European Summer Tour 2012

Not a Dysrhythmia tour, but since Colin and I both play in Gorguts, I thought it would be interesting to show you the travels we took on our recent tour of Europe and abroad. All photos by myself, unless otherwise noted. All opinions expressed are also my own.

July 31 - Montreal, Canada

Waiting at the airport gate, the first of 14 flights we would take on this trip.

August 1 - Dusseldorf, Germany

Dusseldorf airport, a place we got very familiar with.

Dusseldorf airport hotel

August 2 - Dusseldorf, Germany: Kiev, Ukraine: Simferopol, Ukraine


Flight delays in Kiev.

Not a good sign.

Hotel for the night.

August 3 - Metal Heads Mission Evpatoriya, Crima, Ukraine

We arrive early in the morning for soundcheck.

Colin tunes up the drums, while Patrice had to run back to the hotel.

photo by Colin Marston

Ukrainian lunch. Delicious.

The Black Sea.

Sort of surprised to see this randomly on the beach.

Accordion metal.

At first, this guy scared me, then I realized he ruled.

Unknown to us at first, there was a "best boobs" contest being held as we set up to play. The blond won, in case you're wondering.

Talking to fans after the set. Everyone there seemed extremely grateful that we had made the trip to perform for them.

August 4 - Simferopol, Ukraine: Dusseldorf, Germany

The very desolate Simferopol airport.

Back at the Dusseldorf airport again. Meeting Markus, our driver, Running Wild fanatic, and all-around helpful guy.

Stopping for dinner.

Weird shower in the middle of the hotel room.

August 5 - Munich, Germany: Austria: Kobarid, Slovenia

Sightseeing in Munich.

photo by Markus Lempsch

En route to Slovenia, driving through Austria. Absolutely gorgeous scenery.

photo by Luc Lemay

photo by Luc Lemay

photo by Luc Lemay

We arrive at our hotel in Slovenia, called Jazbec. The owner was a metal fan and treated us all very well. The classic 80's metal band Vicious Rumors (also playing Metalcamp the following day) were staying at the same hotel, and we hung out with them for most of our time there.

August 6 - Kobarid, Slovenia: Metalcamp Tolmin, Slovenia

Breakfast at the hotel.

Arriving early in the day at Metalcamp. There could be no better name for this fest.

Amused by the fashion sense of some of the festival goers.

Setting up the main stage.

Sneaking a peak at the Testament setlist.

Barney, from Napalm Death.

A signing session. These definitely had us feeling a little strange, but we enjoyed meeting the listeners.

photo by Markus Lempsch

photo by Markus Lempsch

photo by Markus Lempsch

Bizarre cassette bootleg.

Napalm Death

Festival catering.

During Testament's set.

Colin gets grim in the Slovenian nightime forest.

August 7 - Slovenia: Nuremberg, Germany (At this point, my camera broke for a day and I missed out on getting some pretty majestic pictures of the forests, rivers, and mountains of Slovenia.)

Us, with the owner of the Jazbec hotel (who gave us all these little du rags), and Geoff from Vicious Rumors, before heading off. photo by Markus Lempsch

August 8 - Nuremberg, Germany: Burgebrach, Germany: Chemnitz, Germany

Sightseeing on a day off in Nuremberg.

The smoked wheat beer was awesome.

I don't know. I just thought it was funny.

Hotel dinner in Chemnitz. We had a very bizarre waitress. I had the vension with cranberry cream sauce, and potato dumplings.

Framed cat puzzles lined the halls of our hotel. These gave me weird dreams for the rest of the tour.

August 9 - Rock im Betonwerk Chemnitz, Germany

Another early load in.

Long live the 80's.

Crowd action during Municipal Waste.

Dave Witte baths in the spectacle that is Sabaton.

Luc and Dave, post-show.

A parting gift from Kataklysm. I drank this every night before going to bed for the remainder of the tour.

August 10 - Brutal Assault Festival Josefo, Czech Republic

Leaving Chemnitz in the morning. Roosters supply the alarm.

Czech border crossing.

Amon Amarth.

Audience before we began.

Live photos by Markus Lempsch

After our set at Brutal Assault. Unreal experience. This is where we started settling in and getting comfortable, playing-wise.

Luc on TV.

August 11 - Josefov, Czech Republic: Helsinki, Finland: Jalometalli Festival Oulu, Finland

Czech hotel.

Prague airport.

Helsinki airport.

Business time.

Finnish audience during Crimson Glory's set. Was a trip to play with so many old school metal bands I grew up listening to back in the day.


Iced Earth.

Our new friend, Cartel.

Local beer.

Tasty festival food. Later heard it wrecked havoc on some of the Municipal Waste guys though.

Municipal Waste again. It was Dave's birthday as well.

August 12 - Oulu + Helsinki, Finland: Little Devil Tilburg, Netherlands

Band breakfast awaits us in the morning at the hotel.

Helsinki airport. Exhaustion strikes.

Little Devil in Tilburg. An awesome metal bar, and quite a drastic change from playing the large festivals.

This beer was fantastic.

August 13 - Tilburg, Netherlands: Calais, France: The Underworld London, UK

An entire block of bicycles.

In France, about to take the ferry to England.

What I sat next to in the van every day.

Ferry lunch.

Entering London.

Backstage at The Underworld. This was one of my favorite shows. I love the UK.

August 14 - The Croft Bristol, UK

Terrible boxed breakfast.

The bathrooms in the hotel room were a bit odd...

Markus reminding himself of the English ways of the road.

Entering Bristol.

Sweet potato and coconut soup. One of the best meals of tour. When the chef brought it to me, he stood there looking at, and said "Beautiful, isn't it? The way the sun reflects off it, like being at the beach". At Cafe Kino in Bristol.

August 15 - Dover, UK: Turock Essen, Germany

Castle in Dover, near the ferry entrance.

Looking out the window of our backstage in Essen.

Killer Indian food, from down the street at Maze.

This young lady drew the Gorguts logo on the back of her own dress. We were impressed.

We played with Six Feet Under that night, this was their nightliner. I was a little envious. We slept across the street for 3 hours before getting up again to get to Dusseldorf airport for our flight to Denmark.

August 16 - Pumpenhuset Copenhagen, Denmark

Arriving in Copenhagen. I now have another new favorite city.

Outdoor metal bar.

Luc , with Peter and Jeff. Two super cool guys from the venue that took care of us, and drove us around during our stay in Denmark.

The Cleansing.

This man wandering in and wanted us to sign a cup for him.

Train station at night.


August 18 - Copenhagen, Denmark: La Batofar Paris, France

Compacted trash.

Copenhagen airport, on our way to Paris.

The venue for tonight.

A swimming pool, on a boat, on the water....

Home Sweet Home.

August 18 - Metal Mean Festival Mean, Belgium

Colin tired of listening to Markus's music.

Patrice tired of listening to Markus's music.

Driving through a field to get to the festival.

Awesome homemade meatballs from the festival chefs.

Hosing down the crowd.

A very hot show. Still early in the day, and people were already laying down.

The mighty Immolation. A real treat to see them.

Colin and Markus looking to get into some baguettes.

Belgium hotel, where we slept for 4 hours.

Swarms of spiders await at the entrance.

August 19 - Paris airport

Colin's bass gets tagged YYZ.