Monday, November 7, 2011

Kevin Hufnagel solo tour/new solo album

Hey all, I'll be doing a small solo tour of the east coast with Feast of the Epiphany (mem. of Extra Life, Castevet) from Nov. 18-Nov 22. Dates are below. On this tour, I'll be playing my pieces for baritone ukulele. I also will be releasing my next [all electric guitar] solo album 'Transparencies' shortly. Pre-orders are now available here!
An album teaser video can be viewed below:

Fri. Nov. 18th @ Highwire Gallery w/ Bailly/Millevoi/Moffett
2040 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA

Sat. Nov 19th @ Wind Up Space
12 West North Avenue
Baltimore, MD

Sun. Nov. 20th @ Vaudeville Park w/ Frankzig
26 Bushwick Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Mon. Nov 21 @ Yes.Oui.Si Space
19 Vancouver st.
Boston, MA

Tues. Nov 22 @ The Jerk Store.
West Main St in Freehold, NJ.
Email: for address & more information.


  1. Wow, i missed the new solo album news. Your acoustic album was really refreshing. Can't wait to hear the new one, i just bought it but i'm waiting for the physical copy before i listen. I'm not being an idiot fanboy or anything but you are one of the most talented guitarists around, i'm sure you know that. It's a shame these kids are all wanking over people like Vai and Satriani when there's such progressive thinkers as yourself making such wonderful music. I'm sure when the Gorguts album hits you're name will be better spread. Keep up the good work. and if Gorguts comes to England, do Dysrhythmia as support! You guys were amazing in Brighton, i was stunned!

  2. thanks, kian! did you get your CD? - kevin