Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guitar Tunings for the past few records

People often ask what tuning I play in. Below are a list of the ones I've created and used for the past 3 albums, I have trouble remembering some of the ones from the first couple of albums, as they are always changing from album to album, All tunings listed from lowest to highest string:

'Test of Submission':

A#, F, A#, F, A#, D# - "In Secrecy"

A#, F, A#, F, A, D - "Test of Submission"

D, F#, D, F#, A, C# - "The Line Always Snaps", "In the Spirit of Catastrophe", "In Consequence"

C, F, C, F, A, D - "Running Towards the End", "The Madness of Three"

C, F, C, F, A#, D# (capo at 2nd fret) - "Like Chameleons"

'Psychic Maps':

D, G, D, F, G, D - "Festival of Popular Delusions"

C, F, C, E, G, C - "Triangular Stare"

C, E, A, E, A, C# - "Reactionary"

C, A, C, G, B, E, - "Iron Cathedral"

E, G, D#, G, G#, D# - "Room of Vertigo", "Lifted by Skin" (with capo at 7th fret)

'Barriers and Passages':

B, G, D, F, G, D - "Pulsar", "Appeared at First"

D, F, A#, G, G#, D - "Bypass the Solenoid"

D, A, D, G, B, F - "An Ally to Comprehension"

F, F, C#, F, G, D - "Seal/Breaker/Void", "Sleep Decayer"

D, F#, D, G, B, F - "Kamma Niyama"

E, A, D, G, B, E (Standard!) "Bus: Terminal"

C#, A, D#, G#, B, E - "Will the Spirit Prevail"


  1. do you remember the tuning for Earthquake?

  2. Could you guys share the bass tunings as well? I've been trying to figure them out

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